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ALFA – certificate for bulk cargo

ALFA – certificate for bulk cargo

Alfa Terminal Szczecin, in accordance with Directive 2001/96 / EC of the European Parliament on additional requirements and procedures for the safe loading and unloading of bulk carriers, is a terminal approved for handling Bulk Carrier vessels. The type of unit is...

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ALFA – New dolphin quay almost ready for methanol

ALFA – New dolphin quay almost ready for methanol

The construction of a new quay for ships with methanol is coming to an end. Dredging work still to be done. Acceptance of the first ships on the new quay is scheduled for November 2020.At the same time in November 2020. methanol vessels will no longer moor at the mass...

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About Us

Alfa Terminal Szczecin Ltd. occupies an area of 50 hectares in the northern part of the Port of Szczecin. It is located at the estuary of the Oder River, within about 57,6 km from the Baltic Sea.
This favorable and unique geographical location, the so-called Gate of Baltic, together with the existing infrastructure with logistic back-up, development potential and universality, let us support our clients in diverse ways at any point of supply chain. 
Alfa Terminal Szczecin Ltd. is a universal terminal providing specialized services of transshipment, storage and other services necessary for servicing bulk cargo and liquid chemical cargo (methanol).
The temporary storage warehouse that we manage encompasses storage yards next to the KRA-1 quay and storage containers for methanol.
It is essential in our work to be open-minded and flexible so that the variety of the services that we provide can meet the expectations or our clients.
The strength of our company lies in its modern and innovative character and in qualified staff that watches over all the operations related to servicing cargo, making sure that they go properly at every stage.
The size of the area occupied by ATS Ltd. creates great opportunities for investing, both from the side of the sea, where further development of the transshipment quay is possible, and from the side of the land, where it is possible to develop the transshipment and storage infrastructure for purposes of port and chemical industry, as well as many others.
We continually improve the services that we provide, our effectiveness, facilities and technical back-up by modernizing the existing infrastructure and carrying out new investments.


Technical Parameters of the Quay

Length – 421,9 m
Depth – 8 m
Maximum dimensions of vessels:
Length – 210 m
Width – 31 m

Transportation infrastructure

3 railways along the quay – 1000 m
Railways outside the quay – 10,5 Km
Capacity – 250 goods wagons
Road along the quay – 400 m
Roads outside the quay – 2 km
Car park – 40 trucks

Cranes and transshipment facilities

Bridge crane WLL 10t – 1
Span – 19 m
Bridge crane WLL 7.5t – 2
Span – 14 m
Bridge crane WLL 14t – 1
Span – 24 m

Methanol Base

Two methanol storage tanks with a capacity of V = 2 x 14 250 m³ = 28 500 m³ (22 600 tons) equipped with a radar tank gauging systems.
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